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BnL Custom Creations


Planning, Design, Building and Installation are the important steps we take to make your project come to life. From our first meeting, to the final day of the finished project, we are here to guide you and help create that one of a kind custom piece for your home.


Every project begins with a conversation.  We listen to everything you want, and how you see the perfect kitchen or bath or any other project come to life for your house. You can show us any pictures, and express your ideas to us.

We will look at pictures together, and we will offer suggestions about how our experience with the remodeling kitchens and baths can be used to help see your vision. We will answer any questions you may have, and ask some of our own, to make sure we are all on the same page. We will also take some measurements, and take a look at the space, so we can get a better understanding of the space we will be working in. After we go over the project, and everyone agrees, we move to the next step which is the Design.


Your design is created by our conversations, and what we have learned from you. One of our experienced and creative designers will work with you to create sketches and drawings to produce plans that make it easier to imagine what your space will look like when the project is complete.

In the Design phase we will choose cabinet door style, paint, stain, wood species, and hardware. We will continue to listen to any concerns you may have and work to make your dream space a reality. After all drawings are finalized and approved, we can then move on to the building and installation phase.

Building and Installation 

After all the plans are approved, we get to work on building your dream. Each piece is hand made and built in the USA. After all the pieces are built, painted or stained they are ready for installation. This is the final step to seeing your space come to life. We will develop a work schedule, to make sure the installation process runs smoothly. That way you will know what to expect each day of installation. All projects are complete when your dream has turned into a reality.